How Kinderdrop helps your daycare

Are you a daycare wanting to increase enrollment? Are you looking to improve your day-to-day operations? Here's how you can leverage Kinderdrop for your childcare centre.

How kinderdrop helps your daycare

Low enrolment is a challenge for a lot of daycares. The Kinderdrop platform helps with this issue as it is a tool for filling out temporary daycare spots by matching daycares with parents who need last-minute childcare. Utilize the Kinderdrop app by listing your availability and child requirements so parents can find daycares that fit their needs. Kinderdrop also takes care of all administrative processes to provide daycares with a user-friendly platform.

How kinderdrop helps military daycares

Daycare centres reserves spots for military families as they are constantly moving. Military families still struggle to find availability for daycares, and as a result, there are many spots available that will never be filled up. There’s only so much you can do to advertise your daycare online, and you still struggle with enrollment. The Kinderdrop platform solves this issue with an easy-to-use directory for parents that provides daycares’ business information and reviews.