Parents, have peace of mind

For the worriers, parents on-the-go, and the do-it-all parents, Kinderdrop has you covered. Here’s how Kinderdrop can help your childcare needs.

How Kinderdrop Helps Shift Working Parents

  • Empowering Shift Workers: We understand the challenges faced by shift working parents who may suddenly be called in for work without prior notice, leaving them in need of immediate childcare solutions.


  • Real-Time Availability: Kinderdrop’s revolutionary app offers real-time availability updates from fully licensed daycares in your area. No more worries about last-minute shifts – find an available spot for your child quickly and conveniently.


  • Dependable and Swift: Shift worker parents can rely on the Kinderdrop app to provide crucial information – from pricing to location and availability – all at your fingertips. Enrolling your child for the day becomes effortless, ensuring peace of mind while you focus on your work commitments.


  • Flexible Enrollments: Whether it’s an unexpected morning, afternoon, or night shift, Kinderdrop’s app accommodates your dynamic work schedule. Enroll your child for the day according to your shift’s timings, knowing that reliable childcare is just a few taps away.

Last Minute Childcare (Kinderdrop Explained)

  • Parental Peace of Mind: Are you a parent of young children who can’t be left home alone? Have sudden work calls left you wondering about your child’s care? Kinderdrop understands your concerns and offers a solution tailored for non-9-5 working parents.


  • Reliable Support for Non-9-5 Parents: For parents with unconventional work schedules, securing childcare at the last minute can be a challenge. Kinderdrop comes to the rescue, providing a dependable option to enroll your child in a safe environment under short notice.


  • Seamless Enrollment: The Kinderdrop app seamlessly connects parents with open daycares for quick and hassle-free registration. When those unexpected work calls come in, you can trust Kinderdrop to ensure your child is well cared for.


  • Immediate Solution: Whether it’s a sudden meeting, a late shift, or any last-minute commitment, Kinderdrop provides an immediate solution to your childcare needs. Enroll your child in a safe and nurturing environment in no time.