Parents, have peace of mind

For the worriers, parents on-the-go, and the do-it-all parents, Kinderdrop has you covered. Here’s how Kinderdrop can help your childcare needs.

How Kinderdrop helps shift working parents

Shift workers can be called to work suddenly for a shift and not have someone to care for their child. Some daycares in the area are at low capacity due to other factors. The Kinderdrop app solves these problems by providing real-time availability for last-minute shift workers to register their child at an available fully licensed daycare. Shift worker parents can depend on the Kinderdrop app by having the price, location, and availability of daycares which makes it easy to enroll their child for the day.

Last minute childcare (Kinderdrop explained)

Do you have young children who should not stay home by themselves? Have you ever gotten a last-minute call from work that left you uncertain on how your child will be taken care of? Non-9-5 working parents can rely on the Kinderdrop app to enroll their child in a safe environment under short notice. Utilize the Kinderdrop app to see what daycares are available in real-time. The Kinderdrop app will connect open daycares and parents last minute for a seamless registration of your child.