We’ve made it easier for parents to find, connect, and secure short-term daycare bookings using our new dynamic booking app.

Hassle-Free Daycare Booking

Kinderdrop makes daycare booking easy and convenient. Simply sign up on our app and with just one tap - you can view all the local daycares, their available spots, and reserve a spot for your child.

Social Proof

Cumulative community knowledge giving confidence in your buying decisions.

Instant booking

Book childcare services immediately with the instant booking feature on our app.

Secure payment

Book and pay for childcare services through secure payment options, all on the app.

Filter your searches

Find local daycares by date range, ratings, timeslots, and facility features based on what matters to you.

Licensed daycares

Your child’s safety comes first. All daycares are screened to provide the best care possible.

Convenient Browsing

Our user-friendly app helps you browse our available daycare openings, zero-hassle.

Our Daycares

Kinderdrop connects licensed childcare centres with parents in need of short-term childcare.

Daycares can advertise their openings to parents and allow them to book in real time. Daycares can track their bookings and revenue earned through Kinderdrop.

It's easy-peasy

Manage your available spots and bookings in real time. It's simple and easy to use.

Less Paperwork

We take care of the admin work in registrations and payment processing for you.

New Revenue stream

Funds to upgrade the sandbox, field trips, and new strollers for happier kiddies.

Our Parents

Kinderdrop App is an occupancy booking platform that provides the best short-term childcare services for your child. Access a list of local daycare openings in real-time.

Download the Kinderdrop app to view daycares in your area today!

For the worriers

All daycares are screened for the best care possible so parents can have peace of mind.

For the do-it-all-parents

Our app lets you register and locate available childcare services in one tap.

For those on-the-go

For those last-minute events, you can find all available childcare providers in a snap.

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